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Pictures submitted by former CPT Greg Harris.  He commanded Det 1, HHC then moved on to command Co C.
If you served with Det 1, HHC or Co C in the mid 1980's, you may be interested in looking at these pictures.

Harris Pictures

The following pictures were submitted by Mr. Norm Risk.  His Grandfather was a member of the 254th.  Here is an excerpt from his e-mail explaining the pictures:

"bridge1.jpg" is of the pontoon bridge built over Rhine, March 1945 @ Remagen.  Neither Al or my Grandpa Scott were present at this site.  They were both in the states on leave.

"scott twins.jpg"  Is my Grandpa Chuck and Uncle Al, circa 1942.  They were originally drafted into the 32nd division, but transferred to the 107th, just before Pearl Harbor.  Al is on the left, Chuck on the right.  Al went by "Dan" most of his life...so others in the company probably would know him as Dan, not Al.  I could never quite understand where "Dan" came from....

"254th Engineers_Belgium_November 1944.jpg" As far as I can tell, this was taken in Belgium, just before the Battle of the Bulge began on December 16th.  Maybe it was a thanksgiving picture?  I would love to know who the other guys are.  Grandpa Chuck is in the 2nd row (seated), first from left.  Al (Dan) is in front row, 4th from right.  I find myself captivated by this picture.  The date on the back indicates that it wasn't printed until February 1945.  I have several copies of it.  One of the pictures has little X's written on top of about half of the guys....I would imagine that this indicates that many of the men didn't survive the Bulge.

My Grandfather, Charles E. Scott(CES) and twin brother, Allen C. Scott(ACS)
were in the 107th/254th Engineers in World War II.  They are both now deceased.  My grandpa was in Company C or B and Al was in Company A.  I see that Al wrote a brief article in the April 1967 Bull Sheet.  They were drafted in April 1941, went to Northern Ireland in early 1942. Al was hurt in early 1945 and was sent home.  My Grandpa somehow got a month pass home in March 1945, married my grandmother and then returned to Europe just
before V-E day.

Norm Risk Pictures

The following pictures were submitted by Mr. Dick Wills from Negaunee.  He serving with the 107th Engineer Regiment when they were called up in 1940.  He served in the ETO with the 254th.  Here is an excerpt from his e-mail explaining the pictures:
Pictures from World War Two.  The picture of the bridge was taken at night when we almost lost our bridge across the Rhine River. The cable that goes above the bridge was laid and when they put the pontoon boats in, the anchors were dropped across that cable accidentally. When they started to tighten that cable the anchors came up and the bridge started to float down steam. Luckily the Coast Guard had just put a couple of boats in down by the Remagin Bridge and they were able to come up and hold the bridge in place while they lifted the cable and dropped the anchors like they were supposed to be. This picture was taken from the far side of the river. I'm not sure if you can see it clear enough to use or not.
The other two picture where taken during Battle of the Bulge just before Christmas as it hadn't started to snow yet but was kind of muddy. The person without his helmet on in the group shot is Sgt. Wayne Ray(Association Life Member/TAPS 2009, age 90)  he should have had demerits for that, but who cared. That is myself standing by my truck in what the well dressed GI wore.  Anything you had.... because when they were covered with mud they all looked a like. At night we had mackinaws to put on for sleeping with two blankets. You didn't take any clothes off, not even your boots or shoes. Somehow the two canvas doors where lost for the truck, but it wasn't long before two new ones showed up. That was my bed.  Better than on the ground except when we had to get in our hole.

Wills Pictures

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