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Good As Done!

The 53rd Engineer Association Reunion
 will be held 1-2 August 2014 at the Kingsford Armory.  Our hosts will be 1432nd Engineer Company. 

There will be more information about the reunion in Bull Sheet, #58, April 2014.

The above picture was taken at the retirement party held at the Kingsford Armory in June 2013 for
CW5(ret) Joseph W. Floriano.
Shown alongside Joe is his brother
CSM(ret) Michael J. Floriano.
The two brothers combined for 80 years of total service in the
Michigan Army National Guard.

Gentlemen:  Thank you for your service!

Keep all of our Soldiers and their families in your prayers!!!

See the newly posted poem, "An Ode to the Engineers" on the Association's page.
**(2 Sep 2013)**

Bull Sheet #58, April 2014 is posted.
(3 Apr 14)


God Bless America!!!

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